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Dr. Yevgenij Likhnikevich

Лихникевич Евгений Никифорович
Ophthalmic Surgeon, Board Certified,
Highest Category of Ophthalmic Surgery

1971 — graduated from the 2nd MOLGMI.

1973 — graduated from the clinical residency at the Second Moscow State Medical Institute (the Department of Pediatric Ophthalmology)

1973–1976 — did his postgraduate studies at the same Department.

1976–1991 — worked as pediatrician at the NII GB (Scientific Research Institute of Public Security) named after Krasnov.

Yevgenij N. Likhnikevich is the author of 50 publications and has 2 patents for inventions (techniques of treating retinal detachment in children and adults). He is currently preparing to defend Ph.D. thesis. He has repeatedly delivered reports and participated in various conferences and congresses in Russia and abroad (Belgium, Holland, France, and Germany). Yevgenij N. Likhnikevich has more than 30 years of experience in pediatric ophthalmology.

Лихникевич Евгений Никифорович
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