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Management of retinal diseases


The retina is an ultrathin inner photosensitive membrane of the eye responsible for the perception of an image. Healthcare statistics data show that retinal diseases, especially vascular, inflammatory and dystrophy-related conditions, are among the main causes of blindness and impaired vision around the world.

Excimer offers cutting edge equipment and extensive experience of its medical personnel so that our patients could use the benefits of the most efficacious and advanced methods of retinal pathology management.

How to eliminate retinal pathologies

  • Laser treatment: laser coagulation, Prophylaxis Retinal Detachment Laser Photocoagulation (PRDLP)
  • Surgical treatment (vitreoretinal interventions)
  • Conservative treatment (medication)
  • Intraocular injections of Lucentis, Eylea and Ozurdex

Timely diagnostic and comprehensive management using effective contemporary methods ensure preservation of normal vision in patients with retinal diseases.
Excimer offers every solution to make your eyes healthy again!


It is impossible to identify a retinal disease or prevent the development of a serious pathology on your own. A retinal pathology may develop without any symptoms at early stages, therefore, regular eye checkups are very important.

Excimer uses PC-based diagnostic equipment to identify even the slightest deterioration of the retina.

Our new generation diagnostic devices,, such as RTVue-100 optical coherence tomography scanner (USA), enable dynamic tracking of the visual apparatus and monitoring treatment results.

Laser treatment

The eye clinic offers advanced laser techniques for maximum precision and zero contact to achieve the best treatment results and significantly reduce the recovery period. These techniques of retinal pathology treatment require no anesthesia and thus are stress-free for the patient.

Laser coagulation

Laser coagulation is indicated for peripheral and central retinal dystrophy, some types of tumors, vascular lesions associated with diabetes or thrombosis of the central retinal vein, angiomatosis, age-related macular deterioration and other pathological conditions.

The procedure consists in strengthening of the retina, or establishing bonds between the retina and the choroid to prevent retinal detachment. Laser coagulation is also effective as a method of prevention of fundus pathology development.

Peripheral laser coagulation

Peripheral laser coagulation

Retinal dystrophy is often the cause of ruptures and detachments of retinal sections, which greatly impair vision. Prophylaxis Retinal Detachment Laser Photocoagulation (PRDLP) makes it possible to strengthen the retina to protect it from ruptures and detachment.

PRDLP improves blood circulation in the eye and transfer of nutrients to the damaged retinal area, prevents fluid percolation under the retina which is conducive to its detachment. This procedure is especially recommended for women with sensitive retinas (e.g. due to severe myopia) who are planning to give birth as PRDLP allows for unassisted delivery without the associated risks of vision loss and improves the ocular health of future mothers.

Surgical treatment

Current methods and techniques of vitreoretinal surgery, the most complex of all types of surgical ophthalmology, make it possible to recover normal retinal functions even in those cases, that were previously considered hopeless. Among the basic methods of vitreoretinal surgery are vitrectomy and episcleral sponges.


Vitrectomy is surgery to remove some or all of the vitreous humor from the eye. This type of surgical intervention is indicated for vitreous body hemorrhages, severe ocular injuries, intraocular infections and other pathologies. In patients with retinal detachment and central retinal lesions, vitrectomy is a way to get access to the retina to perform manipulations aimed at recovering its viability and functions.

Excimer offers equipment for the most comfortable vitrectomy possible, or through microscopic perforations. Microinvasive vitrectomy is less traumatic than the standard procedure, involves less risk of hemorrhages and reduces recovery period.

Episcleral sponges

A procedure aimed at maximum fitting of the damaged retinal tissues to the choroid. Episcleral sponges are applied onto the sclera, or external protein eye membrane, at the spots where the retina is ruptured or detached.

Excimer offers all types of this microsurgical intervention for all localizations and varieties of this retinal condition.

Conversative treatment (medication)

At the initial stages, some retinal conditions can be treated using medications (anti-inflammatory injections, antibiotics, etc). The main goal of conservative treatment is to alleviate inflammation. It has also proved efficacious for retinal neovascularization, retinal degeneration and edema, accumulation of blood in the vitreous body. Your attending ophthalmologist will compile a medication regimen; rounds of treatment can be repeated, if required.

Intraocular injections

Intraocular (intravitreal) injections involve introduction of medications directly inside the vitreous body. This novel approach using very efficacious new generation medications makes it possible to achieve significant improvement of vision, let alone preserve it.

These interventions are performed at Excimer by certified clinical ophthalmologists with a wealth of experience in complex intravitreal injections according to the approved medical procedures.

Lucentis injections

The main component of Lucentisis ranibizumab that acts to reduce overstimulated angiogenesis (neovascularization) in patients with age-related macular degeneration and normalize the thickness of the retina. Lucentis is quickly distributed into all retinal layers to reduce the macular edema and arrests the progression of damage, vascularization and new hemorrhages.

Eylea injections

The active component of Eylea is aflibercept that acts to arrest the progression of wet age-related macular degeneration. This medication can also be used in patients with vision reduction due to diabetes-induced macular edema or macular edema caused by retinal vein occlusion.

Eylea has a more lasting intraocular effect which allows to extend the interval between injections and reduce the number of visits to the clinic.


Ozurdex is used to eliminate macular edema caused by retinal vein occlusion. Ozurdex is a sort of an implant injected in the vitreous body. Its component dexamethasone, a powerful glucocorticosteroid, is then delivered into the eye in small doses. This innovative technique of dosage greatly extends the effect of the hormone on eye tissues (up to half-year).

Advantages of retinal treatment at Excimer

Advanced methods of treatment Customized approach New generation equipmentA team of experienced retinologists
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