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Complex Vision Stimulation

Complex Vision StimulationThe ophthalmologists of Excimer Clinics have worked out a special procedure for vision stimulation, all thanks to the unique outfit of equipment. This procedure can be used for both children and adults. The doctor will work out an individual program for each patient and the program can be altered depending on progress. The procedures are used therapeutically and for to speed up rehabilitation after surgeries.

Infra-red laser therapy (eye exposure to infra-red radiation from short distance) improves nourishment of the eye tissues, releases the accommodation spasm, which is a most common cause of myopia development (with normal accommodation one can see well objects far and near). The infra-red laser therapy unit provides “physiologic massage” of the ciliary muscle which is responsible for normal accommodation.

Vacuum massage uses variable vacuum as a therapy factor. The desired effect is achieved by pressure drops in the special mini-stratochamber goggles. This procedure enhances blood circulation resulting in ciliary muscle improved operation. The vacuum massage also considerably improves eye hydrodynamics as well.

Stereoscopic vision, accommodation function and vision acuity are targets for laser therapy. Laser irradiation is aimed at a screen located 8 to 10 cm from the patients eyes. The therapy effect is achieved by observation of the volume and structure of the image appearing on the screen, and this action stimulates retina receptor cells.

In case of dystrophy and atrophy of optic nerve or retina, electric stimulation is used.  Stimulation by measured electric current of low intensity improves the optic nerve pulse conductivity. This procedure is completely painless.

Magnetotherapy (therapeutic use of travelling reverse magnetic field) combined with medication therapy helps in getting rid of inflammatory and edematic conditions. This unit is effective in treatment of keratitis (cornea inflammation), neuritis, etc. AMBLIO-1 add-on device for ATOS magnetic therapy unit is quite successfully used for amblyopia management.

In case of strabismus and other binocular eye interaction disturbances they use the vision training aid synoptophore unit “SYNF”. This therapeutic training unit helps to merge two images into one.  It trains vision in cases of strabismus  and other binocular eye interaction disturbance, improves general eye motility and vision capacity.

The Excimer Clinics can also boast the revolutionary AMBLYOCOR complex developed by leading specialists of the Russian Brain Institute. This is an effective and targeted treatment and prophylactic equipment used in cases of amblyopia, accommodation spasm, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. This equipment is employing the method of video-computerized auto training.  While a kid is watching cartoons the unit is using detectors to record the eye operation data and  brain encephalogram is recorded simultaneously. The images on the screen stay only when the “proper” vision is used and they disappear as soon as the vision becomes corrupted. This makes the brain to adapt to the conditions and shorten the periods of non-contrast vision. This approach optimizes the activity of the visual cortex nerve cells, thus improving vision considerably.


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