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Bad posture equals bad eyesight?

bad posture equals bad eyesightAccording to pediatric ophthalmologist over 30% of children suffer from various eye deceases and vision disturbances, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, amblyopia, strabismus… Lots of TV and computer have harmful effects on the visual system health. Another important influence is the posture.

School kids nowadays lead sedentary life: 6 to 8 hours at school followed by “recreation” watching TV or playing computer games. They do not exercise enough, practically do not go into sports. All this leads to bad posture frequent in every second school kid. This leads to dislocation of vertebra in neck and thorax, disturbs brain blood circulation, and all that may result in vision problems, as vision is closely linked to the brain.

What to do when posture is bad and vision is dropping?

What is most important is not to postpone treatment, visit a specialized clinic as soon as possible. Modern pediatric ophthalmology has technologies at hand that allow to timely and in the most comfortable way manage bad eyesight problems. The Excimer doctors will help to activate eye structures operation and will give advice on how to fix the spine problems. Vision and eyes are controlled by the brain, therefore it is very important to improve the blood circulation there.

It is not easy to get a thorough health examination since you have to visit many doctors, sometimes at different facilities. And still posture is often overlooked. The Pediatric Department of Excimers has got a solution: a unique therapeutic system, developed and tested in the premises, that allows to enhance operation of various eye structures, and concurrently fix the spine problems.

The treatment procedure includes apparatus treatment aimed at:

  • Correction of brain visual centers functioning;
  • Increase vision acuity;
  • Adjust metabolism and blood supply to eyes, as well as hydrodynamics;
  • Improve binocular vision, accommodation functions (ability to see well objects at different distances).

In most cases such a treatment should be combined with a course of massage or manual therapy. This creates better results and improves vision acuity in the best possible way, normalizing the visual analyzer operation as a whole. For parent and kids there is an advantage that the array is all set up within the Excimer Clinic. There is another advantage and it is the cost of the treatment, since when the procedures are provided each at a different facility, the total price will of course be higher. So at Excimer you can save both time and money.

Parents should remember that everything in the human body is interconnected, eyes and posture as well. Wrong head positioning, brain blood circulation disturbance – all these may cause for myopia development. Do not waste time! The earlier the problem is countered, the more chances are there to manage it. Children visual system is very flexible. So it is easier to correct it, it is more prone than in adults. Do not loose the chance. Excimer doctors will check and if necessary correct the problems ensuring healthy vision in future.


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