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Excimer-laser vision correction: our patients’ reviews

Excimer-laser vision correction: our patients reviewsEverybody who is planning to make his/her vision better once and for all by the means of laser correction worries about how it is going to feel like… How will your life change after the procedure? What kind of world will you see? Do you want to learn all these as well? Then it would be interesting for you to read reviews of patients who have undergone vision laser correction at the Excimer Eye Clinic ... Go ahead!

Ekaterina Abramova, 27. Advertising manager

I used to consider that I did not have time to go and see doctors. I had learnt to live with my poor eyesight (–6,5 D) and I was sure that ‘the less you think about diseases the better you feel’. I have to say that it worked well for some time. Though one ‘nice’ day (as it happens to many people) I realized that I just got tired and did not want to wear glasses any more.

Then the idea on having good eyesight became an obsession. Anywhere I were - in the subway, at work, in a shop, at a party – it seemed to me that it was my glasses and not my personality that people were looking at! Once on my way from a meeting, I phoned my friend Anya. I told her that life with glasses had become unbearable… Anya said that we would resolve the problem quickly and that there was no reason to worry. I calmed down.

Anya and I had been friends since school and even at that time she fundamentally approached every challenge and always knew where to find the best! In contrast to me, she had passed all the possible diagnostics long ago. And about a year ago she had made her mind to go for an excimer-laser correction! I remember her dinning into my ears that it was really cool to see everything with your own eyes!!! And her personal life also had turned for the better after she had got rid of glasses…

On the next day she arranged an appointment for me to undergo diagnostics. I remember when I appeared at the door of the clinic for the first time, my inner voice told me that my life was going to change within these walls… And so it did happen. Though, let me tell it all step by step. The diagnostics was made in a delicate manner: first - eye examination with normal and dilated pupil, then — investigation of my eyes optical characteristics… There was something else, I do not remember exactly now.

Based on the results of the examination, it appeared that I did not have any contra-indications against the procedure. That is why I asked to book an appointment for me for the next day for eyesight laser correction. I forgot to mention that after the diagnostics I talked to the doctor who subsequently operated me — Pardzhanadze Georgy Pavlovich. He is not only a great Professional, but a wonderful person as well!

I was pretty calm when I arrived at the clinic on the appointed day. I did not have to wait. It was really good for me as there was no time for extra considerations... I spent about 15 minutes in the surgery, and then I took a rest for about 40 minutes. Afterwards there was a control examination, where I was informed that everything went well and I was allowed to return home. I felt neither pain, nor any unfavorable feeling either during the eyesight correction or after that. Now I have changed my motto: «The more you think about your health, the better you feel». I truly experienced that when I went out into the street after the excimer-laser correction. I felt completely happy!

Elena Kovalchuk, 34. Economist

I had the surgery made at the end of 2007. — The eyesight was almost -6.0 D; I wore contact lenses, often experienced eye infections, red eyes, photophobia and other nasty things to feel. That is why it was obvious for me that I needed to visit an eye clinic and have diagnostics to see if I could get rid of those problems. This is how I came to the Excimer Eye Clinic. Based on the results of the examination, I was recommended to have excimer-laser correction. The doctor described in detail what the procedure would be like and what my eyesight would feel like afterwards. After the conversation with the doctor all my fears and doubts were gone. They left me so suddenly that I made the decision to have the surgery that very day, despite the coming New year holidays which I had to spend without any make-up or alcohol.

I was operated on by Kirill Borisovich Pershin, leading ophthalmic surgeon of the clinic. I think he is a real professional and a gentle and attentive person. Each step of the operation was previously explained to me, so I was not afraid at all. The improvement was straight after the surgery. Though, photophobia did stay. However the next day I already could have a look at the world with my new eyes. It felt so great that I, like a child ,was reading signs on the streets and re-exploring the familiar places which I previously could not distinguish because of the poor eyesight.

In half a year after the surgery I went through the final examination, which showed that my eye-vision had fully recovered! And this is taking into account that Kirill Borisovich only predicted that my eyesight might improve up to 0.8 D for both eyes at the beginning, which anyway would be a miracle for me. I am sure that to some extent it is due to my assuredness that this time I have a 100% clear vision. So, if you are in doubt, I recommend you just to have the diagnostics and listen to the doctor’s conclusion – he will clear away your doubts and inform about potential risks. Good luck to everybody and let your dreams come true!

Aleksandr Vasilyev, 25. Postgraduate student

As long as remember myself, I had always seen pretty badly. First, I wore glasses only during classes at school, then turned to constant wearing (except for the night-time when I took them off which was probably the reason why I never saw any dreams — joking!). I cannot say that the glasses disturbed me a lot. Probably because I got used to them and took no notice of them. Only in winter they steamed and on the beach or in a pool I did not see anything properly and just had to swim by touch. I never wore contact lenses and, indeed, it was not that comfortable — putting them on and taking off every day, cleaning, etc.; I thought glasses were much more comfortable and easy to use, moreover, they made me look more respectable. Though sometimes my eyes got tired from the glasses so much that I was thinking of throwing them away but on the other hand, I was quite helpless without my glasses. I might have done correction long ago, but... why on earth if everything was fine as it was? And indeed I must say I was afraid, although now I am really not sure what I was afraid of. I thought that the recovery would take long therefore I prepared for my correction procedure as if I was going for my final journey - I tried to complete all the important things I had to do, to purchase food for a month ahead, etc. But still… And finally on the 18th of May nothing prevented me from starting with one eye at the Excimer Eye Clinic. I had pretty poor eyesight. Without glasses I saw 15%, in glasses — 50%. While my glasses never gave me 100% clear eyesight, they did not promise me 100% vision, maximum as much as I could see in my glasses, may be a little more. It was additionally complicated by my astigmatism with predominance of hypermetropic component — three diopters on one eye and four on the other. It took me about 1hours and a half to prepare for the surgery at the Excimer Eye Clinic — I had an examination, and had eye drops instilled into my eyes on the day of the surgery. The correction itself took at most about two minutes for each eye (I was doing one eye per day). During the correction you are able to see everything, only when they are making the corneal flap the eyesight turns, as it seemed to me, into a kaleidoscope of red and green lights - very beautiful! It was completely painless (it only hurt when they took the blood test off my finger in the policlinic!). The only unpleasant feeling — not painful, particularly just a bit annoying — when a vacuum ring is installed on the eye, fixing it in a certain position. When you are leaving after the correction into the corridor you need to blink often — approximately twice in a second. I thought I have blinked enough for the whole life.

I was surprised to find out two things after the correction. First, you are able to see right after the correction. Yet the vision is quite blurred, and there is a sensation of a foreign body inside your eye (as if you were having a grain of sand in your eye), tears are leaking — I was not tearing a lot, but other people might have another experience — everything is individual. There are pictures hanging on the walls in the lobby and when you are sitting and blinking for an hour you can notice how the images on the pictures are gradually developing, the eyesight become clearer and brighter. It is amusing that you are surrounded by the patients like you who are sitting beside you and, even with tears in their eyes, they are happy, joking, cheerful, smiling, sharing their impressions, and listening to each other. Then you realize that you are feeling the same — meaning you are fine. Overall I can say that sitting there together with all these people you start feeling as if they were your family... By the way, for those who hesitate I can recommend to go to the Excimer Eye Clinic and just talk to the patients, to hear with your own ears the real feedback they would give. After the surgery I arrived home and went to bed. Then I woke up in the evening, switched on the TV and immediately I discovered another great thing — I could read the scrolling advertising text which I had not been able to see before without my glasses... That is to say that in 6 hours after the correction I could see better without my glasses, than I used to see before in them!!! Surely my joy had no limit, and the next day I literally persuaded the chief physician of the clinic to correct my other eye (usually in cases with heavy astigmatism they make a break between operations for about a week to ensure that everything is going right).

The next day my second eye was operated on. On the second day after the surgery I already could see 50% without glasses in contrast to 15% before the surgery. On the third day it was about 60%, etc. My vision finally improved to 90% for both eyes!!! Though at the beginning there may be fluctuations in vision — today you see 80%, tomorrow 50%, the day after tomorrow again 70% and further on. In this case it is important not to panic, to perform exercises for eye-muscle training and use eye-drops (which actually are being provided by the Excimer Eye Clinic), and to know that it is a recovery process, that it is just your corneal flap healing. At first it is difficult to see in twilight... But on the third day (!!!) after the correction I could drive even at night... Generally they recommend buying sunglasses before the surgery (even in winter) with polarized lenses, they reduce the recovery period. After I had my both eyes corrected, I had another surprise: I could not remember how I might see in glasses. As the say: you quickly get used to the better. I also noticed that I had never regarded my eyesight so reverently, had never tried to look at the world with one eye and then with the other one in order to estimate which one could see better. I am sure that only people who underwent laser correction do this. There are some restrictions after the correction — do not drink alcohol including beer for three days, do not swim for two months, do not sunbathe, do not visit solarium, do not practice extreme sports — tennis (the ball can strike your eye), boxing, etc. Do not go to the sauna for a couple of months. I can tell that I tried all the restrictions — went to the sauna in a month, played tennis, started to sunbathe and went swimming in about a week or two – my friends thought that I was crazy, but I am sometimes reckless and I consider myself a lucky man, that is why I am fine.

Now after three months have passed I can always see 70% with each eye and 90% with both — it is even more than I could dream of. And I am happy about it! During the first month I was shining with happiness... And then, oddly enough, I got used to it. Doctors have learnt to do wonder, after all! I have forgotten completely that I ever had the correction and that I used to wear glasses. Far and by I can speak long enough on the topic, I will only add that if I had known it would be so easy and simple I would have done it long ago. And the cost is not too high comparing to the pleasure you start getting from life, how more comfortable your life becomes, how many details you start to notice in the world nearby. It is funny to remember now that at the beginning I thought that after the correction I would still wear glasses, with simple lenses, for the respectable look they would give me (while I thought that my face was smarter with glasses on), but believe me, nobody can now force me to put them on. And in general — a lot of problems are resolved at once, you become more confident and it is really cool. Actually after the vision correction the life only starts! And it is not really a surgery - it is just a procedure which makes you feel better and more joyful, like after a sauna with friends and beer. In short, I am very glad.

I would like to thank the head physician of the Excimer Eye Clinic, Doctor of Medical Science, corresponding member of RAEN and RAMTN, Vladimir Vasilyevich Kalashnikov, who performed correction, as well as to all the Excimer’s staff. Thanks to them now I can see the world without glasses, and see it well!

Gudkov Y.A., 41. Ophthalmologist

I had astigmatism detected in one eye as early as when I started school. Ophthalmologists of the children’s polyclinic tried to correct my eyesight with help of glasses. I remember that I never managed to get used to them — too big was the difference of the vision acuity between the eyes. Already at the institute I tried wearing hard contact lenses. But due to constant irritation, I had to stop using them. For some time I was not sure in the methods suggested. I can say I was lucky: I successfully waited until LASIK method appeared.

More than 5 years have passed since I had laser correction made. You won’t believe me, but I am still sometimes surprised that I can see… with both eyes simultaneously! When I start thinking of it, I feel it is strange for me. I stopped to differentiate a healthy and an operated eye! Now I can tell my patients about the advantages of the method not only as a doctor, but as a person who has successfully had it done.

Olkhovskaya Natalia, 29. Housewife

Before the correction I had a very high nearsightedness. I had been wearing contact lenses for 15 years. And my eyes stopped tolerating them, although I chose imported, good and expensive lenses. I cannot say that it just occurred to me that I had to have laser correction. I prepared for this procedure for quite a long time. Indeed, the vision is the main thing. For a long time we had been discussing my problems with my husband and made the decision. Correction is not only needed, but is absolutely necessary!

I remember how I arrived on Monday to have my diagnostics, which is by the way necessary before the correction, and on Wednesday they already conducted a procedure! I was really pleased with the fact that there was no need to stay in hospital. Everything was quick and painless! And they just use eye drop anesthesia which is, to my mind, also a great deal because there are people who cannot tolerate general anesthesia well! It is hard to describe my feelings after the laser correction. I opened my eyes and here was the happiness — I could see!!! You know, with my -12 D I used to see almost nothing, while as soon as the correction was completed I started to really see! The dream came true!
On the way home I was looking out of the window. The eyesight had not yet fully restored yet, but I could see! Already on the third day after the correction I could easily deal with all the usual matters. Everything was fine with me at last. A feeling of freedom appeared… This was exactly what I lacked to become a truly happy person. Thank you, Excimer! You do so much good!

More than 75.000 people have had their vision restored with help of laser correction at the Excimer Eue Clinics. Each of the patients had his own problems, everybody have their own reasons to see doctors.And laser correction helped them all!

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