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Laser vision correction: no way to be scared

fear of laser vision correctionFirst spectacles appeared in the 13th century in Italy and were an attribute of high status and well being of the owner. In 21st century well–to-do people follow all novelties offered on the market: they buy cars of limited editions, special cell phones, computers, but often save money on the most important things, like their eyes health…

There are various reasons for people wearing spectacles and contact lenses and not venturing to go for a laser correction, but in most cases it is fear. Many articles and research are dedicated to the most popular ways of eyesight correction – Excimer laser correction. This topic thrilling for many is discussed in press, also in Internet at medical sites, blogs and forums. Huge number of speculations was creating certain stereotypes of laser correction in public opinion and they are difficult to clear.

Below are the most common
ignorance about laser correction:

You will have to be admitted to a hospital
If you took a decision to go for an Excimer laser correction, you will not have to stay in a hospital. This procedure is out-patient, without admission. The same day the patient goes home.

It is painful
Everyone is afraid of pain. Laser vision correction is a sparing, effective and pain-free technique of vision improvement. Unlike old procedures, the modern technology overcame the “pain barrier”, the treatment is performed under local eye-drop anesthesia, which is easily tolerated by patients of any age. Moreover it causes no strain on the heart, blood vessels and other organs.
Sometimes several hours after the correction there may be sense of discomfort, as if something got into the eye, profused lacrimation, etc. However this discomfort passes away by the end of the day. All depends on individual features.

It will take long for vision to restore
Patients start seeing well 1.5 to 2 hours after the correction. Of course some hunting in vision quality may be present for some time, but they will not interfere with daily routine and all vision functions will set within a week.

Other greater problems will build up
All patients are afraid of greater vision problems. And it is natural. But according to the world-wide practice the probability of side-effects after the laser correction equals to about a tenth of one percent. This is achieved thanks to proper diagnostics prior to correction and perfection of the modern laser systems.
Diagnostics is performed using the state-of-the –art computerized equipment, capable of precise measurement of corneal thickness, intra-ocular pressure, detect the cause of vision disorder, discover contra-indications and potential hazards, forecast the outcome of the future correction. Such testing ensures prevention of undesired consequences and allows the attending doctor to evaluate advisability of a laser correction and suggest optimal individual program for the laser correction procedure.

Laser correction results will deteriorate in several years
The outcome of a laser correction remains unchanged with time, it is a proven fact. Laser correction had passed multi-stage clinical trials before it was used in medical cenreas and clinics all over the world. Laser correction practice was started in 1985. Long-term patients observations showed that Excimer lasers do not create any damage in the inner eye structures, because it is only one of the refractive media – retina, which is affected, and the exposure depth is strictly limited. No cases of vision deterioration or loss connected with laser exposure was ever recorded .

I am afraid of laser
The Excimer laser used for correction, is fault and error proof. During the exposure all the individual features of the patient’s visual system are considered. Laser exposure lasts maximum 30 to 40 seconds for each eye. The safety system monitors even the slightest changes in the room environment, and if any parameter is outside the limits, the laser will not start operation.
If say a power cut happens, the equipment will be jumped to a back-up power supply system. It will provide enough power for units and auxiliary equipment maintaining proper conditions for the surgery (dryers and A/Cs with microfilters, etc.). The back-up power supply has enough capacity for a full-scale treatment of both eyes.

Limitations after laser correction interfere with normal life
There are no physical nor visual limitations after Excimer laser corrections. By the way laser vision correction is the only vision recovery possibility for those who often experience great strain: test pilots, rescuers, mountain climbers, stuntmen, boxers, etc. Manu famous sportsmen have had vision laser corrections.

If laser correction is not for kids, it is harmful for adults as well
Laser correction is not harmful for kids, it is just not practical. The point is, that kids keep growing and their visual system is also changing. It is finally shaped only by 18. When vision is stabilized by that age, the laser vision correction is feasible.

Laser vision correction is very expensive
In reality the cost of an Excimer laser correction pays its way, if you wear spectacles or contact lenses you will spend as much. Excimer laser correction is done once and for all. Since the outcome does not change with time your expenditures are justified.

If correction is done before giving birth to a baby, there will be problems with vision
Excimer laser correction cannot affect giving birth. There are no limitations for physical strain after the laser correction, therefore it is recommended to those who professionally is prone to overstrain. There may be problems after labour, though not because of the laser correction but due to retinal problems frequent in case of medium to high degree myopia. In such conditions physical strain may cause retinal detachment, which may lead to blindness if not properly attended. To avoid such complications it is advisable to strengthen retina before giving birth.

The outcome will differ the promises
Forecast of the laser correction outcome is possible immediately after diagnostics. Laser correction is the only technique ensuring obtaining of the forecasted result.

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