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Eyesight and computer

зрение и компьютерThe fact that nowadays every person is surrounded by PCs, TV screens and other displays make ophthalmologists to seriously consider the threat and work out measures for prophylaxis and management of Computer Vision Syndrome which often is accompanied by Dry Eye Syndrome.

Human vision developed in the course of long-term evolution had to encounter in the 20th century a problem as it has not been properly attuned to computer imaging. The picture on the display differ from the real one, as it is self-illuminated, rather than reflected. The visual strain is greatly increased by the necessity to shift glance from the screen to the keyboard and printed texts. Often it is pretty difficult to organize the working space properly and reasonably (thus there may be glares form outside light sources on the screen, wrong viewing distance from eye to the screen, wrong colour choice, too bright screen), making situation worse.

The biggest stress is caused by interactive way of work. Computer graphics is very tiring for eyes, e.g. drawing designs creation and their correction using a PC. The Computer Syndrome risk group are active PC users at the age of 18 to 40.

Computer Vision Syndrome symptoms

Usually complaints from patients spending most of their working day at the computer screen fall within the two types below:


  • Clouding of vision (vision acuity drop);
  • Slow focusing when shifting from distant objects to those near and back (accommodation disturbance);
  • Double vision;
  • Fast fatigue.


  • Itchiness in the eyes;
  • Sandpaper sensation;
  • Pain in eye-pits and forehead;
  • Pain with eye movements;
  • Redness of eye-balls.

Research of visual functions in patients who had worked at PC screens for several years showed accommodation deterioration compared to the age norm, and more myopia cases compared to persons of the same age whose did not use computers. Those who made the complaints above showed more pronounced changes. Study of the screen influence on vision witnessed that during the working day accommodation capacity was surely dropping and some patients had developed temporary pseudomyopia.

Recommendations on Computer Syndrome management

Now there is no possibility to stay away from computers at all. The idea is to smooth down hazards on eyesight and make the most of it.

  • Visit your ophthalmologist regularly, do not attempt to go for self-treatment.
  • Use special eyedrops replacing natural tears.
  • Cut down time at the computer screen to maximum of 4 hours a day.
  • Take a break regularly (every 20 to 30 minutes).

There are special spectacles with progressive lenses which provide clear vision zones corresponding to gaze travel and fixing at various distances. Use of such spectacles by PC users showed less visual fatigue and better accommodation indexes compared to normal spectacles in 85% of cases.

If recommendations are followed, the number of errors made by operators is decreased considerably, especially in the second part of the day, irritation and headaches are gone, emotional condition is improved. Use of computer filter spectacles is comfortable in spaces with artificial light (fluorescent lights especially), as the filters improve the light spectrum reaching eyes. They are comfortable outside as well, they make vision sharper and clearer in cloudy conditions, and they also limit very active shot-wave light spectrum part during sunshine. Therefore the computer filter glasses can be recommended for daily and constant use. And this is very important as many computer specialists wear spectacles.

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