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What is better? Spectacles, contact lenses of laser correction?


Benefits Drawbacks
  • Have no direct contact with eyes, means do not promote eye deceases development;
  • Do not require constant care;
  • Good means of changing image;
  • Quite affordable.
  • Have to be worn constantly to feel safe especially for those who have pretty bad eyesight;
  • Can get lost at a very inappropriate moment;
  • Can get broken;
  • Vision through spectacles is not quite natural: shapes and sizes can be distorted;
  • Ear pieces can block side vision;
  • They reflect light. This can be very unpleasant in the dark, the glare can even blind for a second;
  • They tend to fog with temperature change;
  • Not suitable for those who have the difference over 2.0D between the eyes.

Contact lenses

Benefits Drawbacks
  • Vision in contact lenses is more natural compared to spectacles. Objects sizes are not distorted;
  • Contact lenses move with eyes therefore there are no image distortions like with spectacles;
  • Contact lenses used for vision correction do not affect appearance;
  • They never fog;
  • Side vision is not limited;
  • Suitable for those who have vision difference between the eyes over 2.0 D.
  • They are in direct contact with the eye cornea, therefore they can damage cornea or provoke corneal deceases;
  • Use of contact lenses demands regular check-ups by an ophthalmologist;
  • They do not replace spectacles completely. At least one pair of specs will be needed as a supplement for lenses;
  • Contact lenses have to be removed daily, and thoroughly disinfected. Prolonged wear lenses can not be recommended for most patients;
  • When contact lenses are used an eye winker will cause pain and will demand to remove the lens and put it back again. Or you will have to use spectacles;
  • Contact lenses have to be renewed regularly.

Laser vision correction

Benefits Drawbacks
  • Restores the ability to see everything with own eyes;
  • Correction results have all the benefits of good natural vision;
  • Eliminates all drawbacks of vision improvement aids (spectacles and contact lenses);
  • Correction itself and the adaptation period after it are painless;
  • Ensures the required results with minimal risk of side effects;
  • Very short recovery period (already several hours after correction good vision is restored);
  • Laser correction is an outpatient procedure, no admittance to hospital required;
  • According to long-term patients observations, laser correction does not cause vision deterioration.
  • There are age limitations. As eyes keep developing in childhood and adolescence period, vision may change with time, therefore Excimer-laser correction is recommended only after 18;
  • Laser correction cannot manage age-related hyperopia (presbyopia);
  • When it is performed after 40-45 the necessity to use spectacles for short/reading distance remains actual;
  • There are some contra-indications (certain eye and general deceases, individual eye structure features, etc.)

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