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Super LASIK: personalized laser correction

Personalized laser correction involves customization of the laser correction program for the purpose of compensating aberrations in the patient’s visual apparatus.

What is the difference between personalized and standard laser correction?


At the diagnostic stage of the personalized laser correction (or LASIK Custom Vue, Super LASIK), all imperfections or aberrations of the patient’s visual apparatus are measured using a special-purpose aberrometer. Then the ophthalmologist determines the degree to which these aberrations affect the patient’s vision and shapes the curvature of the retina so that to compensate for the imperfections identified. During the laser correction procedure, these data are used as reference values to shape the curvature of the retina to obtain the best possible results.


How aberrations affect vision

Almost everyone has imperfections or aberrations that affect the quality of vision to a greater or lesser extent. The most widespread are the so-called aberrations of the low order (myopia or nearsightedness – first degree, astigmatism – second degree). They are described and explained by simple laws of optics and can be rectified by means of standard laser correction. However, aberrations of the higher order (coma, spherical aberrations) are more difficult to explain. Their symptoms are much easier to describe, such as halos around light, double vision, or poor vision in insufficient light. These aberrations are somewhat rarer, however, they still affect the perception of images and cause much discomfort.
Personalized vision correction aims at compensating all aberrations that the patient has; standard laser correction is not enough in these cases. Aberrometer measurements are required to compile a customized correction plan. Personalized correction is also recommended for those who require best quality of vision for their occupation.

Description of personalized assistance

Personalized Super LASIK procedure involves examination using a WaveScan aberrometer immediately before the correction, in addition to standard diagnostics. The aberrometer plots a so-called wavefront map that identifies all aberrations of the eye. Each person has his or her own wavefront, much as each of us has his or her own fingerprints. Then a dedicated application draws a curvature of the cornea based on the aberrometry data to compensate for the measured wavefront errors. During the correction, these data are used to shape the curvature of the cornea accordingly for the best possible vision; and the procedure still takes 10 to 15 minutes.

WaveScan wavefront analyzer

To learn more about human wavefront, click here.

Equipment at Excimer clinic

At Excimer, we use WaveScan (USA) aberrometer for personalized assistance to laser correction (Super LASIK). This device scans the eye for wave aberrations to compile an individual Acuity Map. The unique feature of Acuity Map is that it is an exact representation of the whole optical system (including the parameters of the cornea, crystalline lens, vitreous body, lachrymal film and all chambers of the visual apparatus) based on the measured wavefront aberrations. The Acuity Map is then transmitted to the excimer laser. The laser relies on these data to calculate a new curvature of the cornea during the Super LASIK procedure.

The WaveScan aberrometer is designed to operate together with the VISX StarS4 IR LASIK system.

Personalized correction results

The end result of personalized vision correction is compensation of all identified visual aberrations for maximum comfort and better quality of vision.

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