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FAQs on laser correction

Laser vision correction limitations?

Laser correction is performed with patients having hyperopia up to +6,0 D and astigmatism up to +/-6,0 D.

Which is the best age for an Excimer laser vision correction?

The best age for vision recovery using a laser correction is between 18 and 45. It is not recommended before 18 as till that age, eye bulb grows along with the whole body and vision refraction may change. And after 45 doctors notify the patient that laser correction may not prevent age-related hyperopia (presbyopia). Laser treatment can be performed before 18 and after 45 of course but it is strictly individual and the decision is taken only by a doctor.

Are there contraindications for Excimer laser correction?

Contraindications for vision laser corrections are very few but they exist. Among them presence in a patient of eye disorders as cataract, glaucoma and retinal abnormalities and general deceases (tuberculosis, diabetes, inflammatory conditions, tumours, infections). Laser correction is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

How long laser correction exists?

The first laser vision correction was performed in 1989 and since then has proven to be safe and effective. Excimer Clinics Network was the first in Russia to offer this method of vision correction to the patients and over 100 000 patients have acquired good eyesight in 11 years.

How many laser corrections have been made in the world?

Today Excimer laser correction is used in medical centres and clinics in 45 countries all over the world. In the last 10 years over 3 million treatments have been performed.

Is it true that laser vision correction is not recommended for nonparous women?

Nonparous women may have laser correction. In itself it cannot affect vision after giving birth. There is a limitation though that a correction may not be performed during pregnancy and lactation. Usually problems occur during labour due to poor retina condition often accompanied by myopia. Therefore it is necessary to check retina condition before a laser correction, and if necessary it should be strengthened.

Can vision deteriorate after a correction?

Laser correction effects do not change with time progression. This is a proven fact. Eyesight correction had passed multy-stage clinical trials before they started to use it at ophthalmology clinics all over the world. From late 80’s over 5 million corrections have been made and no cases of vision deterioration after LASIK vision correction method have been proven.
However doctors warn their patients that vision deterioration is possible due to age specific changes after 45-50 years and age-related hyperopia (presbyopia) development.

Is Excimer laser correction pain-free?

This procedure is performed under local eye drop anaesthesia which is easily tolerated and excludes any pain sensations.

How long is admission to a hospital for a laser vision correction?

There is no need for an admission. Laser assisted vision repair procedure is performed outpatiently, i.e. without admission to a hospital, within one day. The procedure itself takes 10 to 15 minutes. Pre-treatment preparation and the obligatory after-treatment check included the patient spends only 1,5 to 2 hours in the clinic and returns home the same day.

Can laser correction be performed on two eyes at once?

In most cases laser vision correction using LASIK method is performed on both eyes with an interval of several minutes.

Can Excimer laser correction be performed based on data from somewhere else?

It is not possible as prior to the laser treatment the surgeon and the engineer obligatory compare data from the medical record and the data in the electronic chart, displayed on the laser unit console. The laser system will be blocked and will not function if the special electronic chart (individual patient’s chart) is not input.

What happens if there is a power cut during the laser treatment?

If this happens though very unlikely, the laser system will reconnect to a uninterrupted power supply unit. It will power all the units and also the system that provides safe conditions for treatment in the theatre (dryer, microfilter air-conditioners, etc.) This allows to safely perform a treatment for both eyes in line with all the technology requirements.

How long does it take to have a correction?

The laser correction is an outpatient procedure and does not require admission to the hospital. The patient stays in the clinic about 1,5-2 hours. The pretreatment procedure takes 10-20 minutes and the correction itself takes 10-15 minutes. After the treatment the patient takes rest for a while, then he is examined by the doctor, receives the necessary instructions and goes home.

Can one go for active sports after laser correction?

Yes, he can! One can follow the life routine after the laser correction. There are no restrictions for physical or visual loads.
LASIK vision correction is the only vision restoration procedure for persons who are often overstrained: pilots, mountain climbers, stuntmen, etc.

When can one work at a computer screen after a laser treatment?

It is allowed already 1-2 days after the laser vision correction. Depending on individual features many patients work at he computer screen already the next day after the treatment without restrictions.

Why is diagnostics necessary before the correction?

Indications for a laser treatment can only be obtained through diagnostics. Vision system survey is necessary for the doctor to get proof of the laser correction expediency but also for him to suggest the individual treatment pattern for a patient and carry on proper calculation of the vision correction parameters.

Is laser correction safe?

The advantages of laser correction are predictability, safety and non-traumatic. LASIK technique has undergone multy-stage clinical trials before they started to use it at ophthalmology centers and clinics. Long-term observation of patients showed that Excimer laser does not create any damage as the treatment is confined to only one of the refractive media – cornea and the penetration of this effect is strictly limited.
All Excimer laser operate in the same wavelengths using the pulse mode. Temperature in the tissue evaporation area only slightly increases (max. 5o-6o) thanks to short delivery. With each pulse laser deletes a 0,25 m thick layer (roughly 1/500 of human hair thickness). This accuracy provides a perfect result of the laser correction and does not affect inner tissues. Moreover it ensures safety as the delivery power is controlled by computer and eye-ball tracking system provides maximum accurate alignment of the ablation area.

Will it be necessary to wear glasses at senior age after the laser correction?

Age-related hyperopia (presbyopia) develops after 45-50 with practically everyone. Laser vision correction cannot save from age-related hyperopia (presbyopia). Maybe at senior age you will need glasses for reading at close distance, irrespective of laser correction.

Can laser correction cause blindness?

There has been not a single case of vision loss after this procedure throughout the whole history of laser correction. If the diagnostic testing showed no contraindications for the correction and the patient follows all the doctor’s recommendations, the excellent result can be guaranteed for years to come.

Is it necessary to avoid physical strain?

By all means the first day after the laser vision correction you should not stress yourself, however it does not mean that you have to avoid physical strain in future. In 1 or 2 days you will be able to come back to active life, for instance go in for sports.

How laser correction improves vision?

In the course of the treatment the laser creates a new shape of cornea (which is the “natural lens” of our eyes) resulting in the different refraction of light rays, thanks ti this the blurred images become clear.

Will there be restrictions in future?

Rehabilitation period after laser correction is minimal. Light discomfort will disappear in 30 to 40 minutes and the final recovery occurs within a couple of days. Restrictions after the treatments are few and mainly have to do with hygienic aspects (no swimming pool or sauna, no cosmetics). There will be no restrictions afterwards.

Can repeated procedure be necessary?

Some especially complicated cases may require an additional correction, but these cases are very rare.

Will eyesight be 100% after the laser vision correction?

When taking a decision to go for a laser correction, every patient wants to have his vision restored completely and never use glasses or contact lenses again. However it is not possible to guarantee 100% vision to everyone. The correction result depends on many factors, also on your original vision acuity. But quite often vision is restored by more than 100%. Your vision after correction is forecasted and conveyed to you by the doctor during the pre-treatment diagnostic testing.

What if laser misses?

Laser cannot miss during treatment since the eye position is secured by a vacuum ring and the patient’s head – by a vacuum pillow. Also to ensure accuracy the patient’s chair is rigidly connected to the laser. This ensures that there can be no eye movement during the procedure.

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