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Laser vision correction


If you want to improve your vision

Laser vision correction at Excimer clinic is your chance to forget bad vision and related discomfort once and for all.

Laser vision correction is a quick, safe and painless way to eliminate myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Benefits of laser vision correction

Excellent vision
No more need for glasses and contact lenses
Sustainable result
No restrictions

Laser vision correction gives a new quality of life

Vision correction will help you eliminate all discomfort related to wearing glasses or contact lenses, regain confidence and forget about psychological stress associated with wearing glasses. No more need to think about spare glasses or lens kit or spend money on designer frames. The only glasses you will now wear are sunglasses!

Maybe you think that good eyesight is a luxury you cannot afford? Excimer challenges these stereotypes!

What is laser vision correction

The human eye is a complex optical mechanism. As light beams pass through the cornea, crystalline lens and vitreous body, they refract and reach the retina to be transformed into visual signal and transmitted via the optic nerve to the brain, processed in the dedicated area of the brain to obtain a final clear image. In case of myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism, light beams fail to focus on the retina where required, and the final image becomes blurry.

The purpose of any vision correction technique is to change the refractive power of the eye so as to pick the beams together and transmit them to the retina to make the final image clear. It is for this reason that people with bad eyesight wear glasses and contact lenses. However, these methods of correction cannot make good vision last even when you are not using them. Besides, glasses and contact lenses place restrictions on your lifestyle and cause a lot of discomfort; and, which is more, they do not solve the issue of bad eyesight.

As compared to glasses and contact lenses, laser correction is a radical solution of the vision problem, so that you no longer require any additional contraptions to ensure good vision.

Laser correction engages one of the refractive optical components of the eye, i.e. the cornea, which is, in essence, a negative meniscus lens. Laser evaporates thin layers of the cornea (micrometer thick) for a high precision reshaping of the cornea so that beams would focus on the retina when refracted.

Whу the cornea was chosen as the point of impact ▼

Excimer eye clinic in Saint Petersburg offers state-of-the-art facilities for laser vision correction, including:

  • femtolaser correction assistance (more often referred to as Femto LASIK), i.e. replacing a mechanical tool at one of the stages of correction with a femtosecond laser for a gentler effect on the cornea and maximum result;
  • customized correction assistance (also referred to as LASIK Custom Vue, Super LASIK), i.e. use of personal aberrometry data to compensate all existing visual aberration for a better quality of vision.

Laser vision correction equipment

FS200 WaveLight femtosecond laser

FS200 WaveLight femtosecond laser

The femtosecond laser is used for laser vision correction assistance, i.e. for noncontact manipulations with the cornea without mechanical tools. FS200 WaveLight offers the best speed of corneal flap cutting – 6 seconds only. The femto laser enables the surgeon to cut corneal flaps to match personal parameters of each patient for ideal optical performance and reduced recovery period.

WaveScan aberrometer

WaveScan aberrometer

An advanced aberrometry analyzer for personalized laser vision correction. The Wave Scan aberrometer measures total imperfections of all optical components of the eye, identifies all existing imperfections (aberrations) and customizes the correction plan to compensate for the imperfections identified during excimer laser surgery and achieve the best possible results.

IntraLase FS60 femtosecond laser

IntraLase FS60 femtosecond laser

The femtosecond laser is used for laser vision correction assistance, i.e. for noncontact manipulations with the cornea without mechanical tools. IntraLase FS60 enables the surgeon to cut corneal flaps to match personal parameters of each patient for ideal optical performance and reduced recovery period.

VISX Star S4IR excimer laser system

VISX Star S4IR excimer laser system

Excimer laser is used for precise reshaping of the cornea to recover vision. VISX Star S4IR comes with the Eye-tracking system for precision laser beam tuning even when the patient’s eyes are moving; the Iris Registration iris and pupul tracking and compensation system, and Variable Spot Scanning tissue preserving solution.

WaveLight EX500

WaveLight EX500 excimer laser system

The most advanced excimer laser platform as of now. It operates at the frequency of 500 Hz to help the patient regain vision with maximum comfort and safety. Heat impact on the cornea is minimized to reduce the recovery period. Laser beam precision focusing system tracks even the minute eye movements to ensure maximum precision and accuracy. Innovative technology for the best correction results.


In many countries, laser vision correction is classified as a cosmetic procedure, not a surgery. It is a quick and easy way to get rid of a nagging problem.

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