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EXCIMER Ophtalmologic Clinics Ophtalmologic clinic
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Implantation of stromal rings

Implantation of stromal ringsImplantation of stromal rings is a modern method of keratoConus treatment, which aims at strengthening of the cornea, correcting its shape, and restoration of visual functions. The method implies implantation of stromal rings (segments) into the cornea; the rings build a frame for the cornea thinned by keratoConus. As a result, corneal structures become less susceptible to intraocular pressure, and the corneal shape stabilizes.

Stromal (corneal) rings are small arch-shaped elements made of the material biocompatible with eye tissues. Such rings can serve for many years; if necessary, e.g. in case of age-related changes in eyesight, location or diameter of the rings can be altered, or they can be replaced or removed.

Most ophthalmologists believe that stromal rings implantation at the initial stage of progressing keratoConus is an essential treatment manipulation.

Stromal rings implantation:Cтромальные кольца

  • two tunnels are formed along the corneal periphery in order to implant stromal rings;
  • does not require hospitalization and is performed with topical eye drop anesthesia;
  • takes about 20-30 minutes.

Treatment results

Stromal rings implantation sparingly alters the shape of the corneal surface, corneal refraction, and halts the pathology process. The method yields good optical characteristics and prevents further progression of keratoConus.

Stromal rings implantation using a femtosecond laser

фемтосекундная лазерная система LenSxA femtosecond laser is used to shape tunnels for stromal rings implantation. The laser helps to non-invasively create stromal tunnels. Application of the femtosecond laser enables surgeons to control the stromal tunnels` depth, size and shape.

Absence of mechanical impact shortens the recovery period, minimizes the risk of postoperative complications and, consequently, increases the efficiency of keratoConus treatment.

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