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Symptoms of glaucoma

Glaucoma is a progressive disorder leading to irreversible blindness. The disease destroys the cells of the retina and the optic nerve due to growing intraocular pressure. The optic nerve of the patient is atrophied, and the visual signals fail to reach the brain. The person’s vision gets worse, the peripheral vision is disturbed which limits the visual zone.




The main symptoms of glaucoma:

  • pain, discomfort in the eye and narrowing of the vision field;
  • blurred vision, “gridding”;
  • bright light, even from a lamp, causes the appearance of iridescent circles;
  • poor vision during evening and night hours;
  • a feeling of wetting in the eyes;
  • slight pain around the eyes;
  • reddening of the eyes

The people who are at risk for glaucoma:

  • relatives (including distant relatives) of men suffering from glaucoma (having similar structural features of the eyes;
  • people over 40 with intraocular pressure reaching the upper normal limit;
    • people with intraocular pressure in the right and left eyes different by over 5 mm Hg;
    • people whose intraocular pressure measured in the morning and in the evening differs by over 5 mm Hg;
    • people over 40-50 with a high degree of myopia or a high degree of hypermetropia (particularly women after 50);
  • people who have had trauma of the eyes, inflammation ailments of the eyes (uveitis, iridocyclitis, etc.), eye surgery;
  • people over 60-70, even with no complains about vision;
  • people suffering from diabetes, endocrine, nerve, and cardio-vascular ailments;
  • people undergoing a long medical treatment course with hormonal drugs;
  • people with a high intraocular pressure irrespective of age.
  • people with a low blood pressure (with regards to the age norm).
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