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EXCIMER Ophtalmologic Clinics Ophtalmologic clinic
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EXCIMER Ophtalmologic Clinics Ophtalmologic clinic
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Surgical and laser therapy for glaucoma

The Excimer Eye Clinic perform treatment of open angle glaucoma by highly effective surgery – non-penetrating deep sclerectomia (NPDS). This type of surgery allows to restore the natural balance of fluid in the eye.

A feature of NPDS is that in order to facilitate outflow of aqueous humor from the anterior chamber of the eye it is not necessary to make a through hole; by surgical means or with assistance of a laser, the peripheral section of the cornea membrane is thinned to restore its natural permeability.

NPDS may be combined with implantation of special collagen drainage which prevent tissue cicatrisation and mitigation of the surgical effect in time. NPDS effectiveness is further boosted by Excimer, YAG and Argon laser. Laser-assisted surgery does not require opening of the eye ball.

The advantages of non-penetrating deep sclerectomia (NPDS):

  • Minimum trauma to the eye tissue;
  • The surgery is performed on an out-patient basis;
  • Visual rehabilitation may be rapid (1 or 2 days);
  • Few limitations during the post-surgical period (the patient is able to return to work in a couple of days after the operation);
  • Absence of any serious operational or post-operational complications (such as exfoliation of the choroid of the eye, intraocular hemorrhage, etc.);
  • This surgery does not provoke development of the cataract;
  • The surgery does not lead to deep disruption of the natural aqueous humor outflow;
  • The patient does not require continuous application of drops or bed rest;

Besides, it is NPDS that makes it possible to eliminate glaucoma at the early stages of the disorder when there are no organic changes in the drainage system and optic nerve fibers.

In cases of closed-angle glaucoma, both traditional surgery (YAG-laser iridotomy, sclerangular reconstruction, etc.) and the method of clear lens extraction with artificial IOL implantation (in case of discrepancy between the size of the crystalline lens and that of the eye) are used. Timely clear lens extraction, while there are no organic changes within the drainage system of the eye, makes it possible to avoid the disorder. And in the presence of these changes, it is possible to shift this difficult form of glaucoma into the easier open-angle form.

In case of glaucoma, surgery may be repeated. In addition to glaucoma surgery, it is possible to perform an operation aimed at improving blood circulation in the eye. Various therapeutic methods pursue the same goal. If glaucoma is combined with cataract the Excimer Eye Clinic will perform surgery for both of these disorders simultaneously.

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