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Ophthalmologist, visiting an ophthalmologist

Офтальмолог, прием врача-офтальмологаAccording to the statistics collected by ophthalmologists, every second Russian has an eye problem whatsoever. And worldwide the number of people suffering from myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, cataract, retinal disorders and other eye abnormalities and disturbances will make at least 30 per cent of the population. And sadly this number is increased annually. The reasons for this tendency are numerous: genetic predisposition, ecology issues, improper way of life, excessive use of computers, as well as irregular visits to ophthalmologists.
And the eye doctors keep saying: eye problems prophylactics is a sure way to secure future complications. Even those who have never worn spectacles and have no obvious eye problems should come for the visual system checks al least twice a year, as there are some eye deceases that develop symptom-free, therefore some may have for a long time no clues on a building-up eye problem.

Who need to visit an ophthalmologist regularly:

  • Those who have eye problems and wear spectacles or contact lenses;
  • Those having genetic predisposition (having relatives with vision problems: cataract, glaucoma, nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism);
  • Women planning pregnancy, especially those with high myopia;
  • Pregnant women;
  • Those who work at the computed scree daily and for long hours;
  • Those underwent long-term hormone treatments;
  • Those having hypotension (relative to the age average);
  • Those who had eye injuries, eye inflammatory deceases (uveitis, iridocyclitis, etc.), eye surgeries;
  • Those who suffer from diabetes mellitus;
  • Those over 45 to 50 years of age, even if they have no complaints on their eyesight;
  • cKids, especially in their first years at school

Who must see an eye doctor obligatory:

  • Those experiencing eyesight deterioration, also when one eye starts seeing worse;
  • Those experiencing “veil before eyes”, doubled vision;
  • Those having pain in the eyes;
  • Those regularly experiencing “dry eyes”;
  • When eyes are seriously red regularly;
  • Those feeling sand or foreign body in the eye;
  • Seeing floating spots;
  • Those experiencing discharge from eyes and lacrimation;
  • Seeing bright halos before eyes;
  • Those suffering from eye fatigue too quickly;
  • In photophobia cases;
  • Those experiencing problems choosing proper spectacles;
  • Those feeling discomfort wearing spectacles;
  • Those having headaches when wearing spectacles;
  • In case of an eye injury.

At Excimer Eye Clinics a visit to an ophthalmologist starts with a comprehensive visual system test. The diagnostic includes checks allowing to determine not only the vision acuity but in addition to test functional and anatomic features of the visual apparatus. Such detailed vision testing allows the doctor to investigate the cause of inferior vision and to determine the best treatment procedure should it be necessary, individually in every case. This check is performed in one day and creates the complete picture of the patient’s vision, providing doctors with excessive information essential for a decision on the individual treatment procedures and the post-treatment control, if any.

Types of most common eye disorders:

It is very important to remember that no eye disorder an be diagnosed by one self. One is risking his health when not addressing the problem to an ophthalmologist! Do not go for self-treatment!

The table below should be only used for the reference purposes:

Symptoms: Possible disorder:
  • Blurring of vision
  • Difficulty during reading, doing something at close distance from eyes
  • Glimpses of lines, strokes and spots before eyes
  • Halos around objects in bright light
  • Photophobia
  • Image doubling
  • Problems seeing objects located far away. Vision for near objects is normal
  • Good eyesight for objects far, difficult for objects near
  • Images are distorted, some details of an object are clear, some are blurred
  • Vision of the center of the image is unclear
  • Disturbance of visual perception manifested by distortion of the shape and size or objects (metamorphopsia)
  • Holes, dark spots that stay even when the eye moves
Retinal disorders
  • Vision distortion, corrupt shapes and sizes of objects
  • Narrowed field of vision
  • Blurred vision, so called “curtains” or “black drapes”
  • Flares and sparks before eyes
  • Floating black spots before eyes
Retinal detachment
  • Narrowed field of vision
  • Iridescent halos against light source
  • Foggy and blurred vision
  • Headache and pain in eyebrow area
  • Strong and bursting pain in eyes
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Cornea swelling
  • Dilated pupils
Acute glaucoma condition

Leading ophthalmologists of EXCIMER Clinics

Dr. Kirill Pershin - The leading ophthalmic surgeon, Board Certified Highest Degree in Ophthalmology, MD, Professor, Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

CMO EXCIMER Moscow Clinic Dr. Nadezhda Pashinova Board Certified Highest Degree in Ophtrhalmosurgery, MD, Assistant Professor, Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

CMO EXCIMER St.Petersburg Clinic Dr. Yevgeny Gurmizov Board Certified, Highest Category in Ophthalmology, PhD.

CMO EXCIMER Novosibirsk Clinic Dr. Vladimir Kashnikov Board Certified Highest Degree in Ophthalmology, MD, Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Member of Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, Honoured Doctor of Russian Federation.

CMO EXCIMER Nizhny Novgorod Clinic Dr. Gennady Ganitchev Board Certified Highest Degree in Ophthalmology, Honoured Doctor of Russian Federation

CMO EXCIMER Rostov-on-Don Clinic Dr. Inna Malyutina Board Certified Highest Degree in Ophthalmosurgey, PhD

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