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Strabismus treatment

The gaze normally focuses at a specific point to project the image onto the central area of each eye. Then the brain analytical centers collate the images transmitted by the eyes to obtain a solid 3D image. Strabismus makes it impossible to obtain a solid image, as the visual axes are misaligned due to uncoordinated activity of the eye muscles, focusing is disrupted, and each eye projects its separate image.

To protect itself from double vision, the central nervous system disregards one of the images, and, as a result, the eye that routinely transmits disregarded images may cease to function.

The purpose of strabismus management is to adjust visual functions and to prevent serious complications that may lead to a dramatic degradation of vision.

At Excimer, we offer state-of-the-art equipment and extensive professional experience for a successful treatment of strabismus.
Prevent vision loss now!*

*Management tactics shall be greenlighted by your attending doctor with respect to the case specifics.

Correction by glasses

Special-purpose glasses are effective for elimination of visual discomfort associated with strabismus.

Bifocal or prism glasses may be prescribed to correct visual functions for patients with strabismus. If selected and adjusted correctly, these glasses sometimes help stabilize and even eliminate strabismus altogether!

Conservative therapy

Conservative therapy is used for strabismus to address the improper activity of the eye muscles, increase visual acuity, and recover binocular vision, i.e. collation of separate images transmitted by each eye into a single image.

Conservative therapy may include one or more of the following methods:

  • Occlusion, which is a method directed at integration of both eyes into the visual process by wearing patches that close either the active or the inactive eye.
    Only a physician with experience in strabismus management may determine the most effective regimen for patch use after a comprehensive examination of the visual apparatus.
  • Device-assisted treatment is a method that helps normalize visual functions by a combination of direct stimulation sources.
    Excimer offers advanced set of special-purpose devices designed at the Brain Research Institute for the best possible result. The device-assisted therapy helps involve the inactive eye in the vision process, improve blood circulation and general condition of the visual apparatus.


A reliable method of strabismus management that helps realign the eyes by readjusting the muscle position.

The strabismus management surgery involves lengthening or shortening of the extraocular eye muscles.

Realignment of the eyes makes it possible to recover binocular vision or self-correct visual functions after the surgery. Vision can also be corrected by exercise therapy or device-assisted therapy.

Strabismus management surgery has an additional aesthetic benefit in addition to therapeutical effect.

Specifics of strabismus management in children


A growing child’s visual apparatus is flexible and thus susceptible to both adverse factors and beneficial therapeutical effect. If you start treatment in due time, the condition can be eliminated using the most gentle approaches.

Excimer offers the best conditions for treatment of strabismus in children, including experienced physicians and latest-generation equipment.

Conservative therapy is the primary approach in management of strabismus in children. The techniques used include occlusion and device-assisted procedures much enjoyed by our young patients, as they combine therapeutic effect and entertainment. (to learn more about device-assisted treatment of children click here). Physical therapy and exercise therapy have also proved effective for strabismus in children. In extreme cases, a strabismus management surgery may be performed.

Specifics of strabismus management in adults

The most effective method of strabismus management in adults is radical surgery. In all cases, any correction shall be greenlighted by your attending doctor with respect to the case specifics.

Surgery makes it possible to eliminate strabismus as an aesthetic defect which is often traumatic for the sufferers. However, binocular vision correction therapy is also necessary after surgery. At Excimer, we offer all facilities for the best possible strabismus management.

All the most efficient developments in today’s ophthalmology are at your service!

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