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The ExcimerEye Clinic uses Reamed – a unique complex developed by leading specialists at the Brain Institute. Reamed operates on the basis of video-computerized autotraining which allows to overcome the habit to suppress the visual function of an eye.

The instrument copes with a wide range of problems. Treatment is conducted in the following procedure: while the patient watches a film or a cartoon, the apparatus picks-up and registers data on the function of the eyes simultaneously making an encephalogram of the brain. The image on the screen is retained only during "correct" vision and disappears as soon as it becomes unclear. In this way, the instrument stimulates the brain subconsciously to reduce the periods of uncontrollable vision. This method optimizes the performance of the neurons in the visual cortex, thus improving vision considerably.

Operational principle of Reamed

Operational principle of Reamed The patient is seated at a TV screen (1) which demonstrates a video film. The patient’s (2) electroencephalogram (EEG) is registered over the projection of the visual cerebral cortex (3). The signal from the EEG amplifier (4) is downloaded into the computer (5) for an analysis of the brain’s biological currents in real time. The computer performs continuous calculations of the summary activity of the neurons within the visual cortex on the basis of EEG parameters and identifies phases of their growing or weakening activity. Depending on the phase of neuron activity fluctuations in the visual cortex, the computer controls the video signal from the video recorder (6) switching on and off the TV screen.

Wrong functioning of the visual system may be caused by different factors. As Reamed treatment is based on the self regulation principle, an individual mechanism is activated each time. For instance, in the case of short-sight excessive tension is cut down, whereas in other cases on the contrary the visual activity is stimulated.


Treatment with Reamed produces excellent results. In case of myopia and hyperopia, the visual acuity grows by 2-4 lines of the test chart in 90% of the patients. Besides, patients with low and medium myopia are able to stop wearing glasses. In difficult cases, the optical correction goes down by 2-3 dioptres. Treatment of strabismus produces partial or full effect in 80% of cases: the squint angle is reduced or disappears. In the cases of refraction or anisometropic amblyopia, one or two treatment courses help 90% of the patients to get rid of their diagnosis meaning that the vision acuity of the squinting eye is raised to 0.4 D.

DIAGNOSISGradeNumber of patientsVis (average) prior to treatmentVis (average) after treatment
MYOPIA (n=2320)Low
(including presbyopia)
1400Progression of visual acuity by 3-5 lines of the test chart (n=893)
AMBLYOPIA (n=2180)Refraction
2200Recovery percentage
Over 90% (diagnosis disproved)
Over 60% (diagnosis disproved)
Over 50% (restored binocular vision)

This method of therapeutic treatment is absolutely safe. The effectiveness of Reamed treatment does not depend on the history of the disorder and its duration. Ophthalmologists report that 15-20 daily half hour sessions develop a system of reflex ties capable of optimizing the operation of neurons in the visual cortex. This compensates for many defects of vision and increases visual acuity. This apparatus is particularly effective when applied in combination with other methods of instrumental therapy.

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