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Strabismus surgery

When making a decision on surgery to correct strabismus, one should bear in mind that such surgery allows to improve the look but sometimes fails to ensure good vision.

The Excimer Eye Clinic performs operations to correct strabismus in patients who for one or another reason failed to undergo treatment in childhood or developed strabismus in adulthood due to e.g a trauma. There are two types of strabismus operations – intensifying or reducing surgery. The latter changes the place of muscle attachment – it is transplanted further away from the cornea. This means reducing the power of the muscle (the one in which direction the eye is deviated).

Strabismus surgery

In the course of the intensifying operation, the muscle is shortened through removal of part of it while retaining the place of attachment to the eyeball. This means strengthening of the opposing muscle. Such surgery makes it possible to restore correct muscle balance, to strengthen or weaken one of the muscles which move the eyeball.

The type of operation is decided by the surgeon in the operating room since surgical intervention requires taking into consideration numerous factors: the angle of strabismus, the location of the muscles in each individual case, the state of the eye moving apparatus, the age of the patient, etc. As a rule, several muscles are operated on simultaneously. Sometimes surgery is done to both eyes while some types of strabismus require surgery only on one eye. There have been cases when the ophthalmic surgeon operated both: the strong and weak muscles in both eyes. Such operations are performed in several stages.

Results of strabismus surgery

It is important to note that surgical intervention produces primarily a good cosmetic effect. Most adults and children with strabismus are exposed to constant psychological traumas because of their appearance. Surgery solves the problem.

Surgeries for strabismus correction are performed on an out-patient basis with local drop anesthesia. The patient returns home on that very day. Final rehabilitation takes about one week. After this surgery, the doctors strongly recommend to take a course of instrumental treatment.

Specialists say that each human eye with normal vision receives slightly different images from the other (this can be illustrated by closing one eye and then the other). Normal vision is binocular. Binocular vision means seeing with two eyes through the visual analyzer (in the cerebral cortex) bringing both images into a single picture. Surgery alone cannot help the patient see one combined image instead of the two. The brain is not accustomed to such functioning. In order to restore binocular vision it is necessary to have daily exercises over a long period. The integrated vision stimulation method offered by the Excimer Eye Clinic copes with this problem quickly and effectively.

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