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Apparatus treatment for strabismus

Apparatus treatment for strabismus Strabismus is a condition when one or both eyes are deflected from the central axis. Doctors advise strabismus patients to start treatment as soon as possible in order to avoid complications and ensure faster function rehabilitation.

As a rule, treatment for strabismus is an integrated procedure. The selection of the treatment method depends on a number of factors: the age of the patient, causes of strabismus, grades and direction of deflection, etc. The treatment includes wearing glasses, instrumental (therapeutic) treatment, and surgery if necessary.

There are cases when the normalization of visual functions is achieved merely by eyeglass correction and instrumental treatment. In most cases, special glasses are prescribed for the treatment of strabismus and sometimes they may have bifocal lenses. This is necessary to control amblyopia (which often accompanies strabismus) and restore coordination of the eyes. In other words, the patient is taught to combine images of both eyes into a single picture. Whenever necessary, the glasses may be fitted with prismatic lens which helps to bring closer the images visualized by both eyes.

Along with correction by eyeglasses, there is also therapeutic treatment with the main task to restore binocular vision. If the patient suffers from amblyopia, it is essential to overcome the habit to suppress functioning of one of the eyes. Ophthalmologists at the Excimer Eye Clinics cope with these tasks quickly and effectively with help of an integrated system of vision stimulation by means of special instruments. The course of therapeutic treatment provide for a substantial improvement of vision.

Apparatus treatment for strabismus
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