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Cataract treatment

Cataract or clouding of the eye lens is the most widely encountered age-related eye disease. Cataract leads to dramatic vision reduction and a risk of complete loss of vision, if uncontrolled. At Excimer, we use modern cataract treatment techniques to help you get rid of this condition quickly and painlessly and restore your normal eyesight.

The only way to eliminate this condition and restore vision is surgical treatment in an advanced clinic.

Cataract is irreversible, and it is virtually impossible to make the lens transparent again using only medications, vitamins, dietary supplements, physiotherapy, “anti-cataract glasses” and other contraptions.

Cataract treatment in Excimer

Cataract treatment

Excimer clinic in Saint Petersburg has an extensive experience in surgical cataract treatment with over 20 thousand surgeries on its list. Excimer has all the facilities for cataract treatment such as latest-generation microsurgical equipment, cutting-edge femtosecond techniques and top-skill expertise.

As in most modern eye centers and clinic, Excimer clinic uses phacoemulsification (ultrasound and femtosecond laser-assisted) technique to treat cataract with intraocular lens implantation. This is an intervention that involves exchange of a clouded lens for an intraocular implant and is internationally recognized as the safest, most painless and injury-free technique of cataract extraction.

Surgical intervention is the only effective way to get rid of cataract once and for all and to restore normal eyesight.

When should cataract treatment start?

Delay is dangerous!

You should seek treatment for cataract immediately after you notice vision reduction and discomfort. It is not necessary and often even dangerous to wait till the cataract ripens!

Cataract progresses gradually, and many years may pass from the initial stage (when the lens is clouded along the periphery, without affecting the center) to the total loss of transparency. However, visions starts reducing dramatically, as soon as clouding spreads to the central visual area. Previous treatment methods required ripening of cataract, or, in other words, waiting till the patient goes almost blind which entailed severe lifestyle limitations and discomfort. Now there is no need to wait until cataract makes your life a burden.

What will happen if cataract is untreated?


Many people still think that there is no need to rush the treatment. This is a completely erroneous opinion that may endanger your health! Ripe cataract is not only uncomfortable but may also lead to the complete and irreversible loss of vision. The lens affected by cataract is not only clouded but increased in its size, thus inhibiting intraocular humor circulation. As a result, intraocular pressure is increased which leads to the so-called secondary glaucoma and gradual atrophy of the optic nerve. The brain then no longer receives signals from the optic nerve, and the patient may lose vision irreversibly, if the condition is untreated.

Advantages of cataract treatment at Excimer

Excimer uses Infiniti and Stellaris PC microsurgical eye systems for ultrasound phacoemulsification. The clinic also offers the most advanced cataract treatment technique, i.e. femtosecond laser-assisted (femto laser-assisted phacoemulsification). The device used during this procedure is LenSx surgical femtosecod laser system designed by Alcon (USA) specifically for cataract surgery. This equipment helps eliminate cataract in 10 to 15 minutes, without hospitalization and with maximum comfort for the patient both during the intervention and during the postoperative period.

Advantages of cataract treatment at Excimer:

Eliminate cataract once and for all in a day Obtain maximum vision No lifestyle limitations

Cataract treatment in elderly people

Patients sometimes wonder if cataract treatment is suitable for very elderly people. The answer is definitely yes. Age is not a factor for cataract extraction surgery. For cataract phacoemulsification, eye drop anesthesia is used to avoid excess strain on the cardiovascular system and the patient’s body as a whole. Cataract extraction techniques and safe and reliable, so any patient of any age group can be operated. For example, the youngest patient operated for cataract at Excimer was 5 months old, while the oldest was 98 years old. Cataract extraction does not require hospitalization, which is not as stressful for elderly people. Vision is restored quickly, and patients require no special care during rehabilitation.

Cost of cataract treatment

The price of cataract treatment varies depending on a number of factors such as the phase of the condition (initial phase or complicated), concurrent eye conditions that can be eliminated by lens exchange, optional femto laser-assistance during phacoemulsification.

Important note! The cost of cataract treatment at Excimer includes all necessary services and materials. You don’t have to pay for any extra services.

Learn more about cataract treatment

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