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CRYSTALENS accommodating intraocular lens

CRYSTALENS  accommodating intraocular lensCRYSTALENS is the first accommodating intra- ocular lens which imitates the function of the natural crystalline lens of the eye and ensures excellent visual characteristics at close, far, and medium distances. It is a unique lens which is recommended not only for the treatment of cataract but also for addressing age-related nearsightedness (presbyopia).

Until recently, implanted intra-ocular lens failed to provide patients suffering cataract and presbyopia (age-related nearsightedness) with equally adequate vision at short, medium, and far distances. Usually, after standard IOL implantation procedure, the patient could see well at a distance, but for work at closer distances (writing, reading, and sewing) and at medium distances (working at the computer, driving a car, examining objects at arm’s length), the patient had to wear glasses. It was only Crystalens IOL that allowed the doctors at Excimer Eye Clinic to ensure unique vision performance.

What makes the Crystalens accommodating lens so unique?

АIn contrast to its predecessors, the Crystalens is ‘mobile’. Its features are very close to that of the natural human crystalline lens. Due to its unique structure, this type of lens allows use of eye muscles, “moving” and “bending” .just like a natural crystalline lens. This allows the lens to imitate the natural focusing ability of the eye. These characteristics of the Crystalens ensure good vision at close, far, and medium distances which is common only to a young and healthy eye..

Accommodating lens for close-up Accommodating lens for medium distance Accommodating lens for long distance
a short distance the average distance long-distance
image on close-up distance with accommodating lenses image on medium distance with accommodating lenses image on long distance with accommodating lenses

The conducted studies show that 88.4 % of the patients with implanted Crystalens have acquired good vision at different distances and do not require glasses. These measures are present in only 35.9 % of patients with a standard intra-ocular lens.

Indications for Crystalens IOL implantation

The Crystalens may be recommended to:

  • Patients with a cataract (partial or full opacity of the crystalline lens;
  • Patients with presbyopia (age-related nearsightedness);
  • Patients with no other serious eye disorders and serious illnesses of a general nature apart from cataract and presbyopia;
  • Patients with no previous cataract surgery;
  • Patients with previous LASIK excimer-laser procedure.

Advantages of the Crystalens

In contrast to other intra-ocular lenses, the Crystalens does not separate light into several focal spots (as in case of multifocal lens which have a multilevel and multistage structure) and for this reason the entire light stream emanating from the object is focused on the retina. Just like a natural crystalline lens, the Crystalens collects 100% of accessible light rays at any distance – near, far or medium - and directs all the light reaching the eye to a single focusing point. This guarantees excellent vision equal to that of a person without a cataract and presbyopia.

Accommodating Crystalens: temporary or permanent?

“How durable are the properties of the Crystalens?” – is the question which may arise in the minds of patients who had decided to have such accommodating IOL implanted. However, ophthalmologists insist that there is no reason for doubt. Your good vision following implantation is permanent and there to remain forever. There have never been medical reports about failures of the lens with the passage of time. The lenses never loose their flexibility. The manufacturers have clinical data confirming the reliability and guarantees of the accommodating Crystalens.

The Crystalens accommodating intra-ocular lens marks a major break-through in ophthalmology. In the past, no single model of implanted lens could ensure the patient such high visual performance at all distances. Thanks to the Crystalens accommodating lens it has become possible to cope with two age-related vision disorders – cataract and presbyopia (age-related nearsigtedness)

CRYSTALENS accommodating intraocular lens
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