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Glasses and lenses for children

glasses for children It is a known fact that children acquire over 90% of their information through sight. But what if their vision is abnormal? How will this affect the future life of the child? This is something one would never dare to imagine. This is why, dear mummies and daddies, make sure you see an ophthalmologist with your child at least once a year even if the child has no complaints. It is very important to catch the beginning of a disorder which makes it much easier to combat the ailment.

Glasses: to wear or not to wear?

The most widespread disorders of sight which necessitate the use of glasses at an early age are astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia. One should never shun the use of glasses since they are an important element of treatment. But it should also be kept in mind that the results of treatment, i.e. the future eyesight of the child, depend to a great extent on the correct selection of glasses.

  • In case of hyperopia, the glasses are prescribed for permanent use. In childhood, uncorrected hyperopia exceeding the age norm leads to amblyopia ("lazy eye" syndrome) and strabismus. Early identification of hyperopia (at the age of 2-3 years) and correctly chosen treatment prevent the development of these disorders.
  • As far as myopia is concerned, children suffering from this disorder often require longsighted glasses and quite often shortsighted glasses (when myopia exceeds 5.0-6.0 D). Unfortunately, glasses do not always correct the vision to a good level due dystrophy and other changes in the membranes of the myopic eye.
  • In case of astigmatism, the patient wears glasses with cylindrical lenses in a special wearing pattern. The thing is that glasses for astigmatism may be prescribed either for permanent wearing or only for some kind of exercises at short distances.

There is an alternative!

In the course of any diagnostics performed at the Excimer KIDS Eye Clinics, the doctors are very careful in prescribing corrective glasses and pay attention to how the patient tolerates these glasses. In the struggle for healthy eyes, the Excimer KIDS doctors offer not only corrective glasses but also special therapy methods which make it possible to gradually reduce the power of the glasses and even fully abandon glass correction.

If your child refuses to wear glasses, the doctors at the Excimer KIDS will offer contact lenses as an alternative method of correction. Working with small patients, the doctors take into consideration the age-related peculiarities of vision and psychology of a child. Lens selection of any degree of complexity is offered at the Excimer KIDS from an early age of the child. Contact lenses are an excellent method for vision correction and are prescribed even to the smallest patients.

In order to preserve healthy eyes of children, there are several compulsory rules

  1. Only a doctor shall prescribe contact lenses to your child on the basis of diagnosis obtained through the application of up-to-date equipment;
  2. Only specialized clinics offer quality and certified lens;
  3. It is of a great importance to keep and treat the contact lens correctly and not to exceed their period of usage and storage;
  4. Children shall never be allowed to sleep with their contact lenses on since this may lead to development of heavy damage to the cornea;
  5. Also bear in mind that a contact lens is a foreign body in the eye. Therefore, see your ophthalmologist regularly. Children wearing glasses shall also see the ophthalmologist regularly.

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