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Device-assisted treatment

At Excimer KIDS eye clinic, we have one-of-a-kind equipment for effective and targeted treatment of eye disease in children using gentle therapeutic approaches to avoid surgical intervention.

Device-assisted procedures are a great way to train your eyesight and improve ocular circulation. These procedures are recommended by Russian and international ophthalmologists as an effective and gentle method of shaping the visual system of a growing child.

Device-assisted procedures are indicated for

Device-assisted procedures help strengthen the visual system and get the child prepared for the schoolwork load, relieve eyestrain that may lead to a spasm of accommodation, myopia and other severe pathologies, if uncontrolled.

Device-assisted methods at Excimer

Excimer KIDS eye clinics use the following methods for treatment and prevention of eye disorders in children:

  • Infrared laser therapy
    Close-range infrared laser irradiation helps improve eye tissue metabolism and relieve the spasm of accommodation which is one of the main causes of myopia. This remote intraocular massage forms a part of an effective treatment regimen for such eye disorders as myopia, strabismus and amblyopia. Excimer KIDS clinics use Macdel multipurpose devices for infrared laser therapy sessions.
  • Vacuum massage
    The therapeutical effect of vacuum massage lies in pressure differential created in the so called mini compression chambers shaped as spectacles. The procedure helps improve ocular circulation and stimulate intraocular ciliary muscles responsible for accommodation, i.e. the ability to focus on the object at an unequal distance. Vacuum massage also helps improve eye hydrodynamic properties.
    Excimer KIDS clinic uses AVMO compression vacuum massage device that utilizes mechanically induced infrasonic vibrations to produce an effect on the eyes. Vacuum massage is effective for metabolic eye disorders, keratitis, myopia and other eye pathologies.
  • Electric stimulation
    Electric stimulation is used for dystrophic and atrophic processes in the optic nerve and retina. This absolutely painless procedure consists in stimulating the eye sensors, nerves and muscles by weak currents of a specific structure and sequence.
    Excimer KIDS clinic uses ophthalmological Fosfen electric stimulation device as part of treatment regimen for myopia, amblyopia, optic neuritis, central and peripheral retina degeneration, cornea burns and leukomas, primary open angle compensated glaucoma, neurogenic keratitis, cataract and other eye diseases.
  • Rucheek device
    Rucheek is a device used for accommodation training. During the procedure, the eye focuses on the objects at unequal distance, starting from the minimum possible distance to more than 10 meters, which corresponds to infinity in terms of visual training. Rucheek is used to relieve the spasm of accommodation, while it has also demonstrated to have a beneficial effect for prevention, management and treatment of myopia, farsightedness, amblyopia and other eye diseases.
  • Reamed
    Reamed is an effective direct-action device for treatment and prevention of amblyopia, spasm of accommodation, myopia, farsightedness and other eye disorders.
    The device is based on the idea of computer video self-training. While the child is watching cartoons, the sensors track visual and brain pattern activity to adjust the contrast of an image depending on the brain activity mode. This helps harmonize the activity of the visual cortex neurons and considerably improve vision. In most cases, Reamed therapy gives great results.
  • Computer applications bundle
    The therapeutical effect of such computer applications as Spiders, Crosses, Flower, Peewit, Blade, Eye, Relax is based on the combination of specific visual stimulation and excitation of visual centers of the cortex.
    These computer applications are an effective part of an integrated regimen for prevention and treatment of myopia, strabismus, stereoscopic vision disorders, amblyopia, spasm of accomodation, visual acuity improvement and recovery of binocular vision.
    At Excimer KIDS, every young patient gets a customized program of treatment and prevention, with respect of specific diagnosis, lifestyle and personality traits. A round of up-to-date device-assisted procedures is a great way to eliminate risky eye disorders in children combining a gentle therapeutical approach and entertainment.
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