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Pediatric ophthalmology

Good eyesight is a must if the child is to enjoy a life of full valueGood eyesight is a must if the child is to enjoy a life of full value. According to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, there are over one million children in our country suffering from various eye disorders: myopia, hyperopia, strabismus, astigmatism, amblyopia... Medical specialists note that during the last 10–15 years there has been a substantial increase in the number of children suffering from pathology of the vision system.

It is very important for a child to see the surrounding world well since only then it is possible to perceive the world in its entity. The main thing is that the vision of infants develops correctly. Teenagers have other problems to cope with: high school loads lead to vision fatigue which may result in serious disorder.

Ophthalmology specialists remind parents that the sooner the problem with vision is tackled the greater are the chances of achieving a really good result. The system of vision is very flexible at an early age – it is subject to influences and is more receptive than that of adults. But the situation changes with time and it is highly important not to loose a chance!

The functional development of the visual organ starts immediately after the child’s birth and continues till the age of 12–14. It is during the early years of the child when most of the sight disorders can be addressed without any surgical intervention. But this requires a timely diagnosis and the beginning of treatment as early as possible. Sometimes, too much depends on the time when the disorder is identified. Chances for success may disappear very quickly. Never wait for the hidden problems to manifest themselves! Take the child to see a specialist and you may be sure that your child’s vision is developing correctly.

Pediatric ophthalmology Excimer KIDSThe Excimer KIDS Eye Clinics are in a position to perform comprehensive diagnostic testing, provide consultation with a specialist on the diagnosis, draw up a preventive program, and conduct both therapeutic and surgical treatment. The Excimer Eye Clinics draw up individual treatment programs for each patient on the basis of the state of health, age, character, and way of life. And this is considered to be a standard approach.

The Excimer KIDS Eye Clinics are proud of ophthalmologists with a wealth of practical experience in working with children. They have mastered the most up-to-date treatment methods and know all about the psychology of their small patients. This allows them not only to perform an effective treatment but also to provide maximum comfort which is very important for both: children and their parents.

Complex stimulation of vision

A child’s vision is in the process of formation and this makes its correction easier without surgery with only use of therapeutic methods and complex stimulation. All the procedures practiced at the Excimer KIDS Eye Clinics are absolutely safe and painless.

Dynamic observation by a doctor

Since the vision system of children is in the process of development, they require dynamic observation by doctors. Only in this case it is possible to take into account occurring changes and to correct therapeutic or prophylaxis programs for the case. Experienced ophthalmologists conduct dynamic observations at the Excimer KIDS Eye Clinics.

Kids Ophthalmosurgery

Surgeries to cope with such disorders as strabismus, congenital cataract, and glaucoma are conducted at the Excimer KIDS Eye Clinics only when the state of a child hampers the development of normal eye sight or there is a threat of blindness.

Everything is done to make surgery as sparing as possible. The highly qualified specialists at the Excimer KIDS Eye Clinics conduct surgery at the highest level. They use the best equipment and consumables which are up to the most strict standards of modern medicine. With the aim of reducing risks, the Excimer KIDS Eye Clinics co-operate only with the leading manufacturing firms that have a high reputation in the world of ophthalmology. They have billions of dollars budgets and a considerable amount is spent on a quality control procedure.

All the surgical operations are conducted in comfortable conditions with the application of individually selected medications for anaesthesia which ensure rapid and easy recovery. In two or three hours after the operation, the child may return home.

Correction of children’s myopia

If myopia is identified in a child, it is essential to measure the parameters of the eye on an annual basis and in some cases more frequently. The Excimer KIDS Eye Clinics have developed a special program. Whenever necessary, our specialists apply optical or contact lens correction and conduct treatment with help of various therapeutic methods. They also draw up programs for individual training at home based on special methods including complex gymnastics for the eye and will teach the parents to test the eye sight of the child at home. The Excimer KIDS doctors will monitor the changes in the child and, whenever necessary, will correct the treatment.

Treatment for children’s strabismus

Sometimes, treatment for strabismus may be confined to therapeutic methods such as prescription of special glasses or contact lenses, exercises for the eye, etc. In some cases, however, it is only surgery that can help. The Excimer KIDS Eye Clinics performs surgery only when other methods of treatment fail to produce result. Therapeutic preparations for surgery are very important. Strabismus surgery produces a good cosmetic effect but does not restore binocular vision, and the surgery alone is not enough to ensure normal vision. For this reason, small patients of the Excimer Eye Clinics undergo a therapeutic treatment after the surgery. This helps them to adapt to a new state of their vision with better results.

Treatment for amblyopia at an early age

Treatment for amblyopia
With such disorder as amblyopia ("lazy eye"), one of the two eyes is not engaged in the vision process (partially or fully). This disorder usually develops with strabismus, high degrees of hyperopia, etc. Until recently, ophthalmology has had no effective method for the treatment of the “lazy eye”. Restoration of coordinated vision of both eyes does not mean that normal stereoscopic vision is restored. The Excimer KIDS Eye Clinics correct amblyopia with help of Ambliocor, a basically new instrument.

Dear parents,
Please bear in mind that it is at an early age when vision disorders are remedied with help of sparing methods. If you wish to "program" the vision of your child for a long and uninterrupted use, make sure you think about this right now. It is only complex diagnostics that can show what is required at a given moment. Possibly, your child needs no treatment at all. But it is the doctor that takes the final decision. The important thing is to see the doctor in time. The professionals of the Excimer KIDS Eye Clinics are ready to offer necessary help. Take good care of children’s eyes. Good vision is a key to a happy future!

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