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Eye Microsurgery

Unique microsurgical
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More than 100,000 successful operations!

Microsurgical systems

The Excimer ophthalmology clinics perform microsurgery with the application of such multifunctional ophthalmologic systems as Мillennium (Bausсh&Lomb), Infinity, Accurus, Storz.

These systems allow performance of highly sparing complex microsurgical оcataract operations, treatment for glaucoma, vitreoretinal operations, etc. Thanks to minor intervention (a 1.8 mm micro-incision), a surgical procedure is done on an out-patient basis without suturing and with the shortest possible period of rehabilitation. Special technologies and advantages of these systems allow to operate patients of practically any age – from infants to aged people (the oldest patient at the Excimer Eye Clinic is 94).

Millennium (BAUSH & LOMB) Microsurgical System

Millennium (BAUSH & LOMB) Multifunctional Microsurgical SystemMillennium (BAUSH & LOMB) Multifunctional Microsurgical System is used for operations on the anterior and posterior segment of the eye. The Millennium System is used in the course of cataract surgeries, ultrasonic phacoemulsification with IOL implantation and allows to perform bipolar photocoagulation, vitrectomy (operation in the vitreous body of the eye), insertion and removal of viscous liquids (e.g. silicon oil).

The Millennium Microsurgical System is best of all adapted for operations on the anterior and posterior segment of the eye. The Millennium System is a unique and multifunctional instrument; and due to its modular construction, it is adapted for continuous modernization (in compliance with the necessary requirements), and can be adjusted for a wide range of tasks.

The system is used to perform ultrasonic phacoemulsification of cataract and also for the entire range of surgical procedures in the posterior segment of the eye in such pathologies as retinal detachment, hemophthalmia, heavy damage of the vitreous body, severe diabetes, central retinal rupturesetc. The technology of self-sealing micro-incisions and the use of special ultrasonic tips make the operation as sparing as possible with both minimum discomfort for the patient and stable results.

The Millennium System is equipped with an inbuilt computer which monitors the course of the operation and provides the surgeon with advance warning about any deviations either by voice or monitor. It is important to note that with the system there is no need in support of a surgical team for the surgeon. The Millennium Microsurgical System reduces the time of operations and ensures high reliability. All these new features make it possible to offer surgical treatment for those patients who have been denied therapy for one or another reason.

Infiniti Microsurgical System

Infiniti Microsurgical SystemThe Infinity System is indispensable for microsurgical intervention including such a common operation as ablation of cataract affected crystalline lens called “phacoemulsification”. In contrast to other ophthalmologic surgical systems, the Infinity System is the world’s only phacoemulsifier model which incorporates the technology of both coaxial and torsion ultrasound. This ensures safe surgery even in the most difficult cases of most solid cataracts, reduces the time of surgeries, and increases their reliability and safety. The ultrasound operational mode is adjusted individually for each patient. The surgeon performs all the manipulations through a 1.8 mm microincision, which has a favorable effect on rehabilitation period making it short and painless. Moreover, the Infiniti System can activate the AquaLase function, removing the clouded crystalline lens with a flow of liquid (flushing) without use of ultrasound. In the course of cataract ablation, the AquaLase mode is using super thin and high velocity streams of fluid which “flush” the crystalline lens away, ensuring maximum security of the procedure.

A special built-in computer of the Infinity System controls the procedure and informs the surgeon of the slightest deviation.

It is important to note that the Infiniti System alllows to offer surgical treatment to those patients who have been denied treatment for some reason.

Accurus Microsurgical System

Accurus Microsurgical SystemThe Accurus Microsurgical System ensures maximum control and convenience in cases of combined one-stage operations in the anterior segment of the eye (cataract phacoemulsification) and vitreoretinal intervention. Using this system, the surgeon does not have to interrupt surgery to readjust the system to another mode, i.e. from cataract phacoemulsification to vitreoretinal procedure.

The control of parameters and modes is exersised by choosing icons on the monitor or using a remote control panel. The system is fitted with sound alarms which inform the surgeon about the control parameters in the course of the surgery and the changing mode of the operation. The Accurus Surgical System has over 400 memory options which allow preliminary individual adjustment of the surgery parameters with maximum effect.

STORZ Premier Microsurgical System

STORZ Premier Microsurgical SystemThe STORZ Microsurgical System is indispensable for ablation of the crystalline lens and complicated vitreoretinal operations. This system is used in particular to conduct sparing cataract surgery, i.e. phacoemusification with folded IOL implantation, and refractive clear lens replacement to correct high grades of refractive disorder (myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism). This instrument allows surgery in both anterior and posterior segments of the eye.

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