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Vision diagnostics in Excimer

vision diagnostics Vision diagnostics is perhaps the most important step on the way to healthy eyes! Without a thorough examination it is impossible to reveal diseases, or diagnose serious eye problems one might have, or choose the best method of correction and therapeutic or surgical treatment.

Based on the worldwide practice, the probability of side effects emerging after surgical treatment of eye diseases is reduced to one tenth percent due to high-quality diagnostic testing of the patient’s visual system.

Unfortunately not too many people follow the recommendations of ophthalmologists to regularly have one’s visual system examined. While there are various reasons for eyesight deterioration. In case of cataract, it is caused by partial or complete clouding of the crystalline lens; in case of glaucoma, it happens due to blood circulation disorder caused by increased intraocular pressure, keratoconus and other corneal diseases are caused by changes of the cornea in shape, etc. But in any case, if these and other disorders are not detected in time they may cause serious deterioration of eyesight and sometimes blindness…

That is why every patient of the Excimer Eye Clinic undergoes a comprehensive diagnostic testing of the visual system which allows identifying all peculiarities of the person’s vision and determining the cause of the decreasing eyesight. It has a direct impact on the result of the medical procedures and surgeries. In addition, in course of the testing, through ocular manifestation, such common diseases can be revealed at the early stages of their development as hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis, tuberculosis, rheumatic fever, cervical osteochondrosis, thyroid diseases and many others.

What does a comprehensive diagnostic testing of the visual system include?

  • visual acuity test;
  • refractometry (measuring the ability of the visual system to refract light);
  • intraocular pressure measurement;
  • ultrasound examination of the inner structures of an eye (including opaque media);
  • diagnostics of internal pathologies;
  • examination of the form and optical power of the cornea;
  • examination of the visual field;
  • examination of the retina and optic nerve.

Technical equipment of the clinic plays a very important role in the diagnostic testing.

Modern computerized diagnostic units at the disposal of the Excimer Eye Clinic register the slightest irregularities, reveal diseases at the earliest stages of their development, guarantee the accuracy of diagnosis, provide a complete picture of the patient’s visual system, register and forecast diseases.

The diagnostic instruments of the Excimer Eye Clinic enable doctors to diagnose refractive anomalies of the eye (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism), diseases of the refractive eye media (cornea and lenticular opacity) as well as diseases of the receptor apparatus developing in case of glaucoma, diabetes and retinal dystrophies.

Diagnostic testing is made using a noncontact method that allows avoiding infection of the eye and reduces the time of examination.

Please bear in mind that diagnostic testing in different clinics differs a lot!
At the Excimer Eye Clinic, with help of the modern equipment, highly qualified professionals will not only measure the diopters of myopia or hyperopia but also diagnose a disease which may have started to develop. Nowadays doctors are able to detect eye problems at the earliest stages of their development and start the treatment before there is any serious impact on the functions of the eye.
A quality and, most importantly, timely diagnostics will help you preserve the greatest treasure of your life which is your health!

Excimer Eye Clinic diagnostic facilities

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Attila Nagy
I made the surgery everything is fine I'm very happy that I decided to do it. I would like to thank you your help. Clinic and all the stuff was very professional. Yours sincerely, Attila Nagy


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