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The Excimer Eye Clinic,

Laser vision correction
Cataract microsurgery
Pediatric ophthalmology

More than 100,000 successful operations!


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Стоимость микрохирургических операций указана для одного глаза в рублях.
В данном прайс-листе приводятся основные услуги офтальмологической клиники "Эксимер", с полным прайс-листом услуг можно ознакомиться в регистратуре клиники.

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Attila Nagy
I made the surgery everything is fine I'm very happy that I decided to do it. I would like to thank you your help. Clinic and all the stuff was very professional. Yours sincerely, Attila Nagy


Can I come and have a surgery performed straight away if I bring an abstract with all testing resylts from my eye doctor?
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Is it true that cataract leads to blindness? Or the risk is exaggerated?
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What are the retina tests performed at your Clinic?
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