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Prior to cataract surgery

Cataract surgery at the Excimer Eye Clinic is performed as an out-patient operation, i.e. without admission of the patient to hospital. One of the important conditions for the operation is a comprehensive diagnostic testing, which provides an objective and complete picture of the state of a patient’s vision.

Apart from diagnostics, the pre-surgical preparation includes consultation by an anesthesiologist and cardiologist. This allows to consider in detail the general state of the patient with the aim of selecting the anesthetic, avoiding any complications from the cardio-vascular system and ensuring exellent vision after the operation.

Prior to surgical procedure the patient is to have:

  • Formalized certificates (all stamped) on the results of the following tests:
    • General blood test
    • Blood glucose tests
    • RW and HIV blood tests
    • Blood test for HBsAg (hepatitis- В), anti-HCV (hepatitis– C),HBS-antigen.
    • Prothrombin index (PTT, %)
    • Blood group
    • Urine analysis
  • ECG (Electrocardiogram)
  • Fluorography
  • Reports of the following specialists:
    • Physician (permission to perform ophthalmic surgery)
    • Stomatologist (certificate on mouth cavity sanation)
    • Gynaecologist (for female patients)
    • Urologist (for male patients)

    All the examinations and tests can be done at various medical establishments (domiciliary) and at our clinic.

Prior to operation, it is recommended:

  • To take a shower
  • To wash the head
  • To change underwear (preferably cotton) on the day of the operation.

It is not recommended:

  • To take alcohol
  • To undertake gteat physical loads

The latest meal shall be 4 hours before the operation

Please remember:
To bring a pair of slippers
Your ID
Test certificates



Attila Nagy
I made the surgery everything is fine I'm very happy that I decided to do it. I would like to thank you your help. Clinic and all the stuff was very professional. Yours sincerely, Attila Nagy