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Attila Nagy
I made the surgery everything is fine I'm very happy that I decided to do it. I would like to thank you your help. Clinic and all the stuff was very professional. Yours sincerely, Attila Nagy


I am myopic -11 and -12, spectacles are no use, I can’t wear contact lenses as well, and I was refused to have a laser correction. What to do?
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My mother had a nearsightedness correction 20 years ago and she says it was painful. Is it any better now?
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What are the procedures for cataract treatment? Are there any age restrictions?
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The Excimer Eye Clinic,

Laser vision correction
Cataract microsurgery
Pediatric ophthalmology

More than 100,000 successful operations!


Get rid of the cataracts
                     once and for all! 
Modern seamless technology.
Advanced models of intraocular lenses –
excellent vision and a new quality of life!

Pediatric ophthalmology

Children’s eyesight
Amblyopia, Myopia,
     Astigmatism, Strabismus.
Diagnostic testing in children.
Prevention and treatment
     of childhood eye diseases.


Only few people nowadays can to boast of a perfect vision. The rapid rate of modern life, daily work staring at the computer screen and relaxation in front of the TV screen – all that combined are badly affecting human eyesight. The desire to fix the eyesight problem once and for all is one of the key conditions making a person seek an ophthalmologist’s assistance. It is important to make the right choice and to entrust your eye-health to a professional!

About our clinic

The Excimer Eye Clinics have been operating in Russia since 1997 and offer a complete range of professional eye care services including excimer laser vision correction, ultrasonic cataract phacoemulsification, laser treatment and surgery for glaucoma and retinal diseases as well as treatment for pediatric eye problems.

  • The Excimer Eye Clinics operate in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, patients come from more than 50 countries around the world.
  • We address eye problems using advanced treatment techniques and high technology equipment.
  • The Excimer Eye Clinics employ eye specialists highly experienced in solving all types of eye problems.

The Excimer Eye Clinics offer state-of-art ophthalmic services to everyone… And we possess all the arsenal: including modern high technology equipment, effective methods, experience, knowledge and skill.

Vision and pregnancy

How to avoid a Cesarean if you suffer from high myopia? What are the child’s eyesight development milestones? How dangerous is the use of computer during pregnancy?

Laser vision correction

Excimer laser vision correction will help you get rid of myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism forever.

Children’s vision

Children tend to develop all major eyesight problems by the age of 7. But it is in the period of childhood when you can successfully fight most eye problems without having to face eye microsurgery.


If you or your parents have cataract, you should know that there are effective methods of treating this once frightening disease.

Treatment of Eye Diseases

If you suffer from myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia, the Excimer Eye Clinics will give you an opportunity to improve your eyesight and completely get rid of your glasses or lenses using laser vision correction, phakic lens implantation or refractive clear lens extraction.

If you work in front of a computer for hours and your eyes get red or start aching, we will explain the causes and ways to control it. You will also find out that a contemporary eye diagnostics at the Excimer Eye Clinic is not limited to a mere visual acuity testing with Golovin-Sivtsev Table, and that cataract has ceased to be a frightening and hopeless diagnosis meaning loss of vision.

If your kid’s eyesight is decreasing or there is a risk of strabismus, we will tell you how to recover your child’s eyesight. If you are looking forward to having a baby, it will be good for you to know how to preserve your eyesight during your pregnancy as well as to learn about your baby’s vision development and what you should do to prevent eyesight problems.

If your parents have received a cataract diagnosis, we will tell you how to help them. Moreover, you will not have to face long-term care or tiresome daily journeys to hospital since the cataract treatment will only take several hours.

We will help you cope with other serious diseases, including glaucoma, retinal dystrophy and detachment. There are different reasons for decreasing eyesight. But in any case, these diseases, if left untreated on the early stage of development, may lead to very complicated eyesight problems and quite often to a complete loss of sight. Therefore, do not put that off!

The Excimer Eye Clinic website is a comprehensive ophthalmology encyclopedia where you can find everything about eyesight:

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